Way back in the university, life was extremely difficult that I welcomed any available means to make money so long as it was legal. After so many frustrating thoughts and decisions, I decided to get up and do something meaningful for myself.

I attended a seminar where they discussed how to build one’s career and boost CV. During the seminar, one of the speakers said something which caught my attention and left me thinking for days. In the process of thinking, a thought or question rather crossed my mind.

‘How can I make money selling past questions?’ I asked the speaker the question and he replied thus: “No idea is foolish. For now, it may appear unattainable but soon enough, it will turn to reality so keep ideas and nurture them because in the near future, it will make sense.”

Those words became my motivation for that semester. I was a brilliant yet shy student who found it hard to relate with colleagues who were not close so that served as some sort of barrier. One day, while we were having a group discussion, a classmate pointed out that we had been advised by our seniors to get past questions as they would help us study for our exams and know the pattern lecturers used during exams.

The topic motivated my further and I immediately told them my plan of wanting to sell past questions. They all affirmed to it being a good decision. From then, I began going to classes of seniors and gathering past questions from them. It was not easy because I had to mix studies with doing the job but my classmates and friends were supportive.

Till date, whenever I have an idea and think of it as stupid, I remember what the speaker said.