Digitize your Business Dream.

Dreams are what you hope to happen but most times, you degrade your self by feeling that the dream is too much and that the dream is impossible. Digital marketing can prove you wrong.

One easy thing is dreaming and the hard part of it is making the dream a reality.

        70% of people into business dream to be some where exceptionally wonderful in their business after  5 -10 years to come. But only  20% of individuals actualize this.

  However, the deal isn’t on dreaming now, the deal is on making the dream come through.

       When 50% of individual with business mind, dream, they dream majorly on how to market their goods with traditional method forgetting that we are in a digital world.

This content is designed to make you understand that business dreams can be turned into reality with digital marketing.


Digital marketing is the general name for email marketing, social Media marketing, content marketing, pay-per-click advertising etc. It is a type of advertising delivered through digital medium. Digital marketing has been used to grow and sustain may kinds of business.

The main issues is identifying your targeted audience and with that you can use digital marketing to get to anywhere  you dream.


      Upgrading to digital marketing is a sure way to achieve ones business dream in a lesser time with lesser cost. Let me take you through the benefits of digital marketing, they will help you understand why you need it.


            According to American statistics, 79.9 % of the world is online on a daily basis and a 100% target would be achieved come 2023. This means that almost everybody is online, and to get people’s attention, you should go to where they always visit which is the internet world.

Since 79.9% of your customers are online, why pay money or disturb yourself for a traditional advertisement method which only 40% of your targeted audience would notice.

           With 2020 and it pandemic bringing no clear end point to uncertainty, businesses will need to shift their attention from traditional method of advertisement to a long term digital transformation. And if you do not want to send the already existing business that you have into oblivion in 5 years to come, you should start now to prepare by upgrading to digital marketing scheme.

GAINING CUSTOMERS LOYALTY: Through social media and answerthepublic.com, you could be able to have access to the problems of the customers. Solving the problems through advice, content Write ups that answer their questions and creative mindset to help solve things easily. This would go a long way into fetching loyal customers who would engage in affiliate marketing without charging for it. Customers loyalty and trustworthiness is one good way to retain customers.

Higher rate of conversion: With just customers reviews and referrals, a high amount of audience is to be generated.

Unlike the traditional advertising method, where a person only talk to friends about a company that has the good product, Digital marketing gives the opportunity for reviews to be made on the website or media channel and  my friends, friends of my friends, people I know and people I never knew would get  to know about it, who would possible get converted because they have seen feedback from many people about my product.

Digital marketing world gives more room for a higher rate of conversion.


In the last decades, the world has shown a paradigm shift from Analog to digital. On  a daily basis, people are consuming all kinds of information online hence making digital marketing the best way to reach out to the targeted audience.

Question For thought: Why haven’t you initiated digital marketing into your marketing  strategy?

Are you waiting for a closed shop before you will know that the world is evolving and that the traditional method of marketing is gradually going into extension? Are you a small business owner with many ideas aspiring to expand in months to come but you are afraid to try digital marketing?