Our entertainment industry have been fair this year both in Africa and other continents.

Imagine an Artiste who wants to be a president and even the wife didn’t vote for him. To other Artiste it was much of beef which got the attention of social media.  It was funny but also a good lesson for the youth to learn from.

Digitization have moved most musical video to be more of animations. It get me scared that how will it be?  Where will be the dancers who dressed naked to attract us?  Who are the next music video directors to expect?

I know there is more to be uncovered. Just see how comedians make good use of music and the MCs display nowadays.  It tells you music is not more of the words but the creative beats to move one from the seat.

Our entertainment industry have seen a fast growth which have attracted more investors and hidden talented people.

We hope to enjoy more of African music and not only that of the whites. We have a culture and our culture portrays our music.