Business isn’t a thing of the old neither is it a skill set apart for only university graduate or High school certificate holders.

Being rich and successful mustn’t be after you have graduated from college.

Records have it that 69% of student all over the world depend on their sponsors or low paid job and because of that are living on raven,

  The fact that  you are a student doesn’t mean you can’t be a successful business owner before graduation.

According to statistics, more and  more students are catching the entrepreneurial bug while the rest are living a life of dependency.

   In this content, I will give you 3 reasons that will convince you on why you should move on with that business idea of yours.

3 Reason why you must be an entrepreneur as a student

1.PRACTICE THROUGH LEARNING- The best way to learn is through practice. And the best time to practice is when you don’t have much responsibilities. When age is still friendly and when you have less pressure and few commitment  relative to later in life on you.

At college level, you have low risk and high reward if you venture into business.

This is to say that you have got nothing much to lose. The worst case scenario is that the idea might fail but either ways you are at the good end because you either gain the experience and keep trying again or you made a good business startup. The bottom line is that you are practicing and at the same time learning. You never can tell where the start would start


 Let us take Nigeria as the case study.

In Nigeria, 76% of the college graduate are jobless.

 Universities produce 1.2 million of graduate every year, and each year, nothing more than 250000 jobs are provided.

Analytically, we have 750,000 graduates who remain jobless.

From the analysis above, Nigeria can never employ half of the graduates they produce every year. In other words this means that you need luck and other factors to be able to get a job after graduation.

My big question is this:

Why bet  your future on luck?

Why would you have only plan A when you know Plan A is a bet ?

We can never tell what the future will unfold and preparing on different section, is the best way to be ready for the future incase of what it unveils

A plan B as an entrepreneur will not only prepare you for the future but also generate experiences and connection, Which will go for a long term in life.

3 Accessible Customers and Mentoring 

       As a college student, you already have much more opportunity to be mentored by professors which is a priceless connection that you might not easily get after College. This  already made network at your finger tips if utilized would even warrant to financial support. Parents, Course mate, friends, lecturers, professors, would be  a great network and accessible customers and mentors that  would easily  help without costing much.

If you build your business ideas with the university environment, and with the help of learned and  experience people, you will leave  the university with a certificate and well established business. I would say it is not easy, at the same time brokenness is not easy. To succeed in life, you must Roll up sleeves, work your ass off, discover ideas and meet important business  man to act as a mentor to guide you through.